Stakeholder and TecHnical Reports

Play-by-Play Captioning: Reports on Findings

Live broadcasts for fast-paced sports are an important component to consider when evaluating the user experience of captions because the captions for these types of broadcasts tend to contain many errors, and are the most difficult content to caption due to the fast pace. For this study, we explored the user experience for fast-paced, live sports broadcasts, with a focus on hockey and basketball.

Because these broadcasts typically include two off-screen commentators who are commenting on the play-by-play (PBP) action taking place during the game, as well as contributing ‘commentary’ between the gameplay, there tends to be an extremely high word-per-minute rate associated with captions that are verbatim.

In this project, we explored several aspects of the user experience associated with watching fast-paced live sporting events, including the readability of the captions, the user’s ratings for satisfaction and quality of captions, the level of comprehension that is possible either from captions or gameplay areas between the conventional captions style and a novel style where only the captions for the commentary.

The findings from this research are embedded in two sets of reports:

  • A Stakeholder Report (available in English and French) that outlines the key findings of the research in accordance with stakeholder requirements.
  • A Technical Report, which describes the findings of the research in academic and technical terms

The links below provide access to the documents in PDF or Word formats